About the Blog

May 5, 2012

As a late twenty-something (OK, nearly thirty-something) who loves all things beautiful and fashionable, I noticed a lack of blogs geared towards women (and men) like me; self-proclaimed fashionistas who love couture and high fashion, but whose reality is more corporate nine-to-five with the salary to match. 

If you scour the internet, you’ll find there is no shortage of blogs showcasing the latest Guiseppe Zanotti sandals, showing us how to throw a party when no expense is spared, or teaching us how to look our fashionable best on a shoe string budget.

But there is nothing for someone l like me, who is a little more Coco Chanel and a little less Alexander McQueen or more corporate chic and less downtown hipster.  Nothing for a the person whose budget allows for Mossimo for Target, Marni for H&M and Michael Kors (as in, just Michael Kors) to all coexist in their closet.

Until now.  This blog is for her.  It is a place where every day fashionistas can show off their chic.  Where we can share easy ways to build a sophisticated wardrobe.  A place to learn how a personalized touch or unique twist can add oomph to any gathering or event.  A place where the style is a little more toned down but no less cool.

This blog is for you.

Because, after all, chic never goes out of style.

Your Chic is Showing!

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