Erika, Resident Fashionista


Erika, our resident fashionista and founder, thinks every hallway, sidewalk and subway platform is her runway and struts accordingly.  She works in corporate America by day (and enjoys it) and practices her “smize” by night.  She believes in making people feel special, writing hand-written thank-you notes, Instagram self portraits (<–) and veto rights to all (OK, some, she can’t control all) Facebook photos posted of her.  She loves Jay-Z, the city of London and trashy reality TV (RHOA and the Kardashians are among her faves).  And, of course, she is always on the look out for women whose chic is showing.

Torrey, Make-Up Maven

YCS Make-up Maven Torrey has you covered on the make-up front!
YCS Make-up Maven Torrey has you covered on the make-up front!

Torrey, a.k.a., The Corporate Beauty is just that: a young beauty in corporate America with as much of an eye for numbers on a tax return or balance sheet, as the ones on a bottle of foundation at MAC. Though at one point, when it came to makeup, she had absolutely no time for that. One day she decided to experiment “just a little” and soon found herself with more lipsticks, eyeliners, blushes, and bronzers than she knew what to do with – at first. Now the Toledo, OH, native and Chicago transport runs the site, “The Corporate Beauty” and spends her free time painting faces. And when she’s not working on her day or side job you can catch her acting a fool and uploading selfies to Instagram with hashtags for days. #imathugoutchea

Corporate Beauty I

Donte, Men’s Style VIP

donte tux 1

Donte’ provides the male perspective on showing your chic and enhancing your signature style.  His blog, Visions of a V.I.P., is the ultimate guide to living the urban lifestyle.  From music and event reviews to style and general life advice, you can find a little bit of everything at his one stop shop to urban living.  Although a native of Baltimore, Maryland, he has lived in five different cities over the past eight years.  He now makes his home in Jersey City, New Jersey and makes his money at the Department of the Treasury in downtown NYC.  Always on the scene, he can teach you how to be a true V.I.P.

Visions of a V.I.P I I Twitter: @MrHistoryMaker I Instagram: MrHistoryMaker

Sara, Hair Goddess


Sara believes curly is a state of being, not a hair type. A quintessential nerdy girl who spends most days making the web a more usable place to be (you’re welcome), Sara is also a professional plus sized model. After years of a chemical love affair, Sara decided natural was the way to go. And since she’s being doing it long before the “natural movement,” she’s tried the gambit of hair fixes for curly and straight hair and everything in between. As a model, Sara knows a thing or two about fashion, but she’s here to help you help you have a good hair day, every day. Outside of hair and modeling, Sara spends time traveling, cooking, and being entertained by her two funny cats.

Twitter: @Sara_Alloy I Instagram & Pinterest: CurvyConquers

CoraStar Productions

CoraStar Productions

Cora is a maven of all things media. Over at her blog, Hits, Misses and Fixes, she gives a PR master’s (with a Masters in PR) POV about all the hits, misses and fixes of our favorite celebrities, sports and media figures. When she’s not busy working, blogging or looking all around fabulous, you might be able to find her behind the camera – shooting video for a political candidate, capturing a hot new designer’s fashion show, or shooting headshots for your favorite blogger. This MD native has taken her talents to NYC where she runs things, terrorizes the neighborhood (in the BEST way possible) and looks fabulous doing it!

Hits, Misses and Fixes I I Twitter: @hitsmissesfixes

Guest Contributors

Ean, Men’s Style Master


Twitter: @immalaughatu83 I Instagram: Im_A_Giant67


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